What is Galva Fence ?

What is Galva Fence ?

GALVA FENCE is a fencing system produced from steel strips. Main product group has two different types called Classic and Modern. These two product groups has double margin or without clenched individually. You can make your selection depending on your preferences. Our leading expert staff in the sector will be pleased to advise you on the choice of suitable material, color and carrier system.

We use our speciality in our sector for your decorative solutions!

We combine strength of galvanize with decorative and stylish solutions. Besides taking advantage of standard sizes, we can provide extra solution to your needs with custom sizes.

What Is Our Difference From Other Fences?

- The common purpose of garden fences is aesthetics, safety and durability. Galva Fence is the most advantageous garden fencing material compared to other fencing materials.

- Mechanical Resistance Against Impacts

- It has resistance to strong wind and storm because depending on the mounting style it allows wind to pass.

- Makes your garden look aesthetic from both inside and outside.

- It doesn't require paint / maintenance for years since it is already produced from painted metal.

- Easy and quick installation

- Thanks to our flexible production management we can make custom sizes according to your project/pleasure

Unlike standard wire fences, Galva Fence has a more stylish and less visible structure from the outside. Its easier to maintain and install than the concrete structures. With double-sided mounting option, you can have aesthetic image provided from the outside, on the inside.

You Can Think Out Of The Standards!

By using Galva Fence, you can have your fences produced in any size you want and you can install them with the intervals as you wish. You don't have to use / order one size.

You have the chance to get more aesthetic looks with different sizes.

In order to be able to order in the color and size you want, you should contact to our consulting team. 

Galva Fence with Wood Pattern

You should definitely see our wood pattern Galva Fence options if you want your garden fences to have a warmer and more natural look.

Double Sided Mounting Option

This mounting style which makes your fence look beautiful not only from the outside but also from the inside (garden) also hides the carrier system.

With the same cost of carrier system, you can install Galva Fences on both sides.